Digital Occult: Further Primer to Shitposting and Becoming-Rat(atoskr)

(A continued primer for newbies, should the last introduction already be enough for you, this isn’t required. The heavy shit is coming after some more ground work.

NOTE: this requires a primer on Hyperstition. Since I pitch this entire project as a historical-completionist one (it’s not), I should take the responsibility in informing you should you not be familiar. It’s such a traversed topic however, that I’ll just defer you to others that have done the work already. A short definition would be that they are “fictions” that come to be, or perhaps make themselves come to be— necessarily bringing up interesting notions of time and magic should one insert it into said registers of science and the occult. It can be anywhere from a good idea to the ANTI-CHRIST constructing itself from the future. Pick your poison and continue on, we’re dealing with it in a much more reserved and common manner. 

This is for newbies, should you already be within the Lemurian time war and jacked into the K-war ready to waste whatever mark the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton sends your way, just move on. If you’re new around what the internet is, this is a continued primer before we get really esoteric. 

I want to pose to you a question and for you to think about it seriously: what is a shitpost? It becomes interesting when one really tries to understand this term that’s so seamlessly passed into the “terminally-online” (reality) lexicon. One might begin with identifying a type of harassment, such as what was more commonly referred to as cyberbullying a while back, but this isn’t sufficient even if I had asked you to define trolling, let alone shitposting. Still however, harassment *feels* like a component of shitposting. Next, one might think of satire, which I would say is certainly a better approximation, but not quite entirely it. An inspiration of mine that goes by Don Jolly ( , and Don I’m throwin up the bat signal for you to come back dawg the internet needs you), views shitposting as a legitimate literary form. I agree with that as well, but I’m going to posit how I personally view shitposting. This definition might be too schematic, but it’s the image that counts. 

I would LOOSELY posit that shitposting at its HIGHEST intensity (as it changes in definition based on scale), as essentially being a methodology of transmitting information that seeks the boundaries and striations of a structure, and pressures these fractures for a desired effect. This firmly places shitposting as a functional piece of writing(more accurately, recording), which to some is the basis of what they consider to be occulted or magical, but we’ll hold off on that for now. Further attributes of shitposting is that it’s commonly done by either anonymous or pseudonymous actors on the internet, sometimes working in tandem, sometimes alone.

It’s understandable as humans to anthropomorphize our learned helplessness and yearning for demonstrable power, especially should you be of an outcast/underclass. There’s a lot to be said about the current superhero craze in media, functioning both as a metropolitan pantheon and a way for the Western public to see their desire for representation and power be made manifest. It should be significant to note that Iron Man is the military-industrial complex made manifest as a metropolitan god, from one of the biggest media corporations in the world. Much of this media is largely masturbatory. While I can intuit the argument being that this puts the desire for the public to be able to actualize in whatever way, it’s more an escape valve. It defers the responsibility to those who are sanctioned by whatever Power or Force or Body to be the ones to act in this, while you’re a bystander hoping that your icon has power, which it does not— fully outsourced into Neobabylonian idolatry, which is inescapable. Especially within the virtual. 

I’m more concerned about the “emergences” that are invading the Real — now, but that’s another entry. We’re more concerned about aspects of the methodology and image for now. 

There’s an emancipatory nature to shitposting. Whether you accept that capital-H Hyperstition is an accurate process or you simply regard the rate of memetic morphology to be (to say the least) alarming, you very quickly realize that you are drafted into some kind of mind war (K-WAR, CULTURE WAR, LEMURIAN TIME WAR, MEME WAR, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, SPIRITUAL WARFARE). Many people are becoming aware that whatever idealized sign regimes they identify with are under constant strain, constant attack. Constant revision. The past becomes annihilated in its recontextualization and revision (as you approach “singularity”, you destroy the past increasingly). This has always been the case to some degree, it’s just the distance-annihilating technologies (and the speed in which they operate at—effectively instantly), make this into a permeating and inescapable constant. There’s no set territory, and this increases paranoia. You can pathologize, psychologize, polemicize, and countless other acts of orientation in regards to what this means because it involves every-single human experience being outsourced and reconfigured within the virtual, which enters a feedback loop with reality for them to warp and contextualize each other. 

If you’re operating within the virtual (as much as there’s any separation anymore), your power animal is the rat more than it’ll ever be the wolf. Plague, infection, infestation, infiltration, clandestine-structural damage— all lend themselves to the rat. The wolf or the lion is your pride and grappling with wanting to retain honor and maintain territory. You don’t have territory as these forms, and your honor is becoming a fictitious parody of itself that doesn’t serve you anymore (not to diminish true Virtue). For the rat, everything is your territory. In numbers or alone you bring infection and plague.

Ratatoskr is a mythical rodent (squirrel with etymology leading to rat) that runs messages up the world tree of Yggdrasil. The world tree is seriously a good image for virtual reality in a lot of ways, but especially in the sense of the separation between branches and roots that, while still connected, branch different modes of being together. The rodent running messages from the roots to the branches really represents a lot of the functions at play here. On the one hand, the act of a machine is one of largely translation (Input A Output B), but the rodent gnawed at the Tree, which triggered regrowth. It’s a form of creative destruction that’s ensconced with the movement and transference of messages. 

Stripping away the comical neologisms of trolling, shitposting, etc, largely leaves us with an amorphous mass of actors that gnaw at the structure and trigger or strain events. One can no longer simply just engage with the socious as advertised, should one be outside the parameters of current-day neoliberal capitalism or its controlled escape valves. The method is subtle and constant infiltration, and the realization that this has been a war from the beginning of history. If anything, you must learn the scale— it has always been iconoclasm and idolatry. 

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