Introduction to the Digital Occult

PHANTOMS.ZONE up to this point as really only served as a backup for previous “work” I’ve done (along with some garbage that I just still like for whatever reason), much of it being lost to the internet back when I used to believe the adage that “if it’s on the internet, it’s there forever”, which I’ve since threw in the garbage. Some of what still exists that I still think is relevant is here, but it’s time to really begin my project. Let’s talk about “meme magic”, hyperstition, and cybernetics. I want to do this for no other reason that there is an occult time war for your soul. I mean this literally. If you don’t accept that statement then save your time and leave, though you’re enlisted whether you believe it or not.

Several times now, I’ve tried writing out a history of what made me a creature of the internet for street cred, but I always found it to be diminishing and tiresome and just not necessary. Instead, I’m just going to be terse and lay out what set me on my quest to become a digital sage and a shitpost warlock. I’ve realized that in my time on the internet, it has moved from a mode of one being outcast from the real and into the virtual, to the virtual consuming the real— with an entire generation of people essentially becoming both a conduit and an archetypal priesthood for this process. Portals are opening all around you, and the channelers were once ostracized, othered, and removed from the conversation as anything other than being a loser— until recently. The image of the Magi, warlocks, priests, monks, and sorcerers is a more useful and accurate image than wires, circuits and nerds with a stack of soda bottles on their desk. This project is viewing the internet consuming the real from the perspective of it being a quasi-occult process in which using a (primarily) religious register is perhaps the most useful vector for approaching it, at least as a heuristic and for a layman.

Off the break let’s be clear about several things:

1.       I am not an academic. I have an eighth-grade education and have no intent on having anything here be viewed as academic. Part of what makes me think this is a worthy endeavor is that this is a process that’s impacting the entire globe, and while this might not be written for everybody, it’s for those outside of the ivory tower. This is for street dudes that have lived and existed in the digital culture that have prior understanding

2.       This is an exploratory exercise that’s fine with being “good enough”. I like the image of a digital sage because I’m trying to extract wisdom and learned experience from this, and some of it might not pan out to be exact and I absolutely do not care. I’m going to reference some philosophy that might be slightly misrepresented, history that might be tenuous, things might be stretched, and while I’m ultimately going to try to reflect the truth, facts may at times be off.

3.       This isn’t original. I’m not passing this off as a novel endeavor other than it being accessible to fellow internet creatures. I will often reference and explore the works that this project is derivative of, I’m really only trying to synthesize and explore this at a level that I’m at.

4.       This is a journey. I don’t have a complete product or image in my head that I’m just intermittently adding here, I’m working through this. Think of it as a journal or something.

There’s a problem in all this, and that’s accruing endless notes and scribblings about this topic, and realizing how difficult it is to really introduce gracefully, so I’m simply not going to do that. I’m just going to begin. 

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